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animation overview
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Animation in graphics is the area of fastest convergence in technologies. The same techniques that are being used in video processing (24-32 frames per second) and editing are being also being used in bitmap animation and cartooning (8 to 24 frames per second but a different aspect ration from TV). But interestingly, the animation technology that is most pervasive and has affected more developers and users than any other is Macromedia's Flash. Flash's SWF file format has become one of the most compact, efficient containers for fonts, bitmap and vector graphics plus audio and video on the market. And with Web bandwidth increasing almost as fast as computing power, the ability to move, shape and display animations through Flash .SWF files has also grown exponentially. It also helps that the Flash Player runs standalone on all the major desktop, mobile, and handheld operating systems. In addition the Flash plug-in is a default install with Internet Explorer which gives it 98% coverage of browser desktops

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